Creative Remote Control Dinosaur


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D-REX Remote Control Dinosaur

Product Features

This remote control dinosaur is incredible fun and ultra-fierce. The D-REX Remote Control Dinosaur is a nice, with a personality all his own, prehistoric creation. He was designed specially to keep children 8+ interested for days, this remote robotic roars, moves and reacts to your kid’s touch and voice. A special controller even lets you “train” him as an attack pet or a guard dinosaur.

Get Ready for Creative, Realistic Fun

Right out of the box, this flaky dinosaur D-REX feels more real than most other remote control dinosaur toys on the market. His reptile, rubbery skin is loosely stretched to adapt his movements. His somewhat strange texture is soft (if you touch it). D-REX is still a little scary looking, despite of his oversized feet and a merry spiked collar balance his impetuous yellow eyes and his threatening teeth. But don’t worry—you will soon explore that D-REX has a coll sense of humor and a rather soft spot for everyone who is willing to scratch his head.

Before you start getting to know this nice remote control dinosaur personally, you’ll need to use a screwdriver to insert 2 “AAA” batteries in the controller and 5 “C” batteries in his tail. Once D-REX is powered up, he is ready to start responding to the surroundings and showing off. He will turn his head, roar and blink his eyes.

Nice Robotics Technology for Creative Play

Touch sensors and let him respond with an grateful roar when you pet D-REX on the head. If he seems hungry, you can stick some thing in his mouth and he will chomp away on it. The controller (bone-shaped ) gives you the possibility to prompt 5 types of behavior which differ from each other. Press “attack,” and he will launch forward and roaring. Press “prank,” and he will burp, fart or roar. In seek mode, he uses a noise sensors to define your location and go towards you. (Because of the background noise in the rooms, I found that he had some problems with this mode). But it was cool when he banged into walls and backed away in surprise.

Maybe my favorite mode was “guard.” In this mode, you can set D-REX up in front of the door of your bedroom and he will scan the room, uttering a big roar if he detects the some motion. There’s even a question mode. This mode lets you replace your out-dated magic eight ball with dinosaur wisdom. Every time you press this button, D-REX will get back to you with a answer of a question by nodding -“Yes” or shaking his head - “No.”

This remote control dinosaur is specially programmed to react as a pet with an his own independent mind. What does this mean? This means that, in spite of his 5-button remote, he won’t walk where ever you would like him to. Children who expect to “drive” him around the rooms like a remote control car may be disappointed, but I actually really enjoyed this fact, since it made D-REX more realistic. And I hope that childs who are charmed by either remote control dinosaurs or robotics will agree with us on this matter. As an additional bonus, D-REX remote control dinosaur suggests a battery-saving sleep mode. This mode for sure will be appreciable by parents.

D-REX features authentic looking rubbery, reptilian skin. View larger.

Controller lets you prompt five different types of behavior.View larger.